About Us

Welcome to the Pratishtha Foundation

Pratishtha Foundation is a youth based initiative undertaken by the youngsters of Dehradun to add value to the society by imparting quality education to the unprivileged. We at Pratishtha foundation truly believe that the root cause of a major section of the society is the unavailability of quality education hence with a team of fifty plus enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers from different colleges of Dehradun we have taken the initiative to work for an all round development for this backward section of the society. Working with a clear vision of giving back the society we work with a mission to educate these young minds of slums to ensure a better future for them.

We have a centre at Clement Town where we conduct evening classes on a regular basis. Apart from bookish knowledge we teach them all the other curricular activities like dancing, singing, painting, craft, and so on. We have games and various workshops like acting, photography, etc. every week so that the children may recognise the hidden talent in them. We have a certain ongoing events like “Shiksha”, “Parivartan”, “Sharing smiles”, “Sakhi” and “Thand vs HUManity”.