KidsGram 3

Every year our NGO, Pratishtha foundation organises an event called kidsgram. Here, we give our children the opportunity to present their talents and skills in the most innovative way possible. They learn how to handle responsibility while not lettin Know More

Winter Camp Ending

*Winter Camp* This is something, you must've not seen before. Team Pratishtha and Pratishtha Kids are organising a Winter Camp from 1st Jan to 15th Jan, 2019 in Clement town centre of Pratishtha Foundation. *What's new* Kids will teach the younger ki Know More

Swad E Mehfil 3

We gladly invite you to our third *?????-?-?????* “Swad-E-Mehfil” A small get together for all the youth organizations of dehradun with a theme *???????* "Safarnama" Under which everyone present in the #Mehfil will describe their safar(journey) and p Know More