Winter Camp Ending

January 01, 2019

*Winter Camp* This is something, you must've not seen before. Team Pratishtha and Pratishtha Kids are organising a Winter Camp from 1st Jan to 15th Jan, 2019 in Clement town centre of Pratishtha Foundation. *What's new* Kids will teach the younger kids. They will pass on their knowledge, skills and talent to each other. It includes- *Dance* *Painting* *Singing* *Kitchen Activities* *Knitting* *Hairstyle and Make-up* Also, workshops on various topics will be given to the kids by learned trainers- *Story Telling* *Theatre* *RTI* *Dance* *Menstruation* *Art & Craft* You can contact us if you want your child to participate in the camp. You can also share your skills and give workshop to the kids. Lets support the initiative taken by kids in every way possible