Girl Power

Pratishtha has always believed in equality and promoted it. Women do a lot for everyone, be it as a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter or a friend! Today, to make life easier for the girls of our centre, Pratishtha started a girl's corner. Many girls of our society are denied proper hygiene due to different reasons, be it monetary or societal. *Pratishtha's Girls Corner* is an initiative in which a corner of our centre is devoted to serve for the girls. Volunteers have contributed to fill the corner with sanitary pads and menstrual cups, which are highly important for girls to maintain menstrual hygiene. The formation of this corner will release the hesitation among the children to talk about it. Also, it will help the girls to be safe during their periods. Nisha and Saraswati have taken up the responsibility to manage the give and take of pads through this corner and maintain a proper record. They will also make other girls aware about it. Pratishtha has always followed its motto 'Let's bring the Change'. So this is our step towards bringing a change.