Evening classes limited us to only 40-50 students. To take that onto a larger scale, Project Parivartan came into existence. The idea is to transform a government school, which is often looked down upon by people, into a knowledge hub where every student gets the opportunity to learn in a healthy and better environment. Starting with Assembly, where the concept of daily News, Thought, Word of the day will be implemented. House system will be established, where students will be grouped into four houses and every week a house will be given the responsibility to conduct the assembly. House captains will also be made and they will work under the guidance of teachers. Bal Sarkar will come into force to instill leadership qualities in the students. Various departments will be established, the health minister will look after the proper hygiene of the students, the environment minister will look after the cleanliness of the school area. We will also make two School captains to ensure that the discipline is maintained properly. The dull looking classrooms which brings a sense of sleepiness will be transformed into attractive rooms. Notice boards will be put up in the school so that students can learn the habit of reading it regularly to gather useful information. While the infrastructure of the school cannot be changed much, but we have been ensuring proper sanitation facility. We recently installed toilet seats in the school. And providing the children clean drinking water is next on our list. We have already implemented all the above mentioned ideas in our NGO and will be implementing in the school from this session. And we sincerely hope to bring a change in the functioning of the school, because that's what our tagline says, "Lets bring a change".