Education is the building block of any society, nation, or world and should be availabe to each and everyone. We, at Pratishtha foundation have been working immensely to make that possible. Currently functional at two places, Clement town and Premnagar, we have been providing evening classes to the underprivileged children. While academics is always our main focus, we give emphasis on extracurricular activities as well. Children are taught painting, singing, dancing, sports, and other activities also. Regular competitions are also organized to bring out the skills in children. The classes are divided into four categories according to the syllabus we follow and the subject that a student carries. Each category has sufficient number of volunteers to give attention to individual children. Every Saturday is an activity day, and various activities are performed with the children. if u want to give a awesome ending of ur day by help in these evening classes by volunteering or u want to support us by any mean..