Thand Vs Humanity

Winters have already made us feel its presence and more fall in temperature is natural. Dehradun is one of the best places one can ever count upon as we can enjoy all the weathers here. A chilly winter is round the corner and we have already prepared ourselves to fight back the falling degress but have you ever thought about the unprivileged ones? We never forget to prepare ourselves for even the toughest of situations but lets do something different this year. ? All you have to do is to donate your old warm clothes to the needy. Most of us have clothes that we dont require anymore or some that do not fit us anymore still they occupy the space in our almirahs. Pratishtha Foundation initiated THAND vs HUManity last year and this year too we seek your support because so many unprivileged ones succumb to this cold weather. ? Join hands with us to help this section of our society. You can directly donate at our center or give us a call and one of our representative will collect it from you.